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Get Active on the Water this Year

Used Kayak Sale!

We have several kayaks or stand-up paddle boards on sale with various adventure histories!  All the gear is from American-made brands with the perfect design and structure for our waterways.  This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a kayak or stand-up paddle board at a great price.

March 18th from 10AM-1PM

City Docks, Sophia Street, Downtown Fredericksburg

Cash or Credit Cards Accepted

If you want to purchase one of these kayaks or stand-up paddle boards prior to the event then just give us a call at 540-372-8708.

Below is a list of the kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for sale.


Retail Price

Sale Price

% Off

Adventure History

Jackson Mayfly $1899.00 $1500.00 21% Never been in the water
Jackson Cuda HD $1899.00 $1500.00 21% Once on the water
Jackson Tripper $999.00 $550.00 45% Lightly used
Wilderness Systems Pungo (x2) $899.00 $600.00 33% 3 rental seasons
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 $990.00 $650.00 34% Lightly used
Wilderness Systems Pamlico $1300.00 $500.00 62% 3 rental seasons


Retail Price

Sale Price

% Off

Adventure History

Boardworks Rukus $999.00 $600.00 40% 1 rental season
Boardworks Siren $1349.00 $900.00 33% Slightly damaged during shipping/Never been on the water


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customer comments

Melisa Casacuberta

February 25, 2018

Interested in a used SUP for a beginner. Lightweight/liftable enough for an older, short (5’2″) person to get on top of a van rack, alone. ???