Imagine floating on your stand up paddle board, surrounded by the wildlife of the Rappahannock or the calm waters at along Hope Springs Marina. Now add to that the relaxing properties of yoga. If that sounds like your ideal outdoor activity then you need to check out our SUP Yoga class!

Yoga on the stand up paddle boards (SUP Yoga) offers a new challenge for paddlers and yogis alike. I began practicing yoga on my stand up paddle board in order to work on my balance and strength. It became a new way to experience my yoga practice as well as my paddle board. Practicing yoga on a SUP is very different from yoga on the mat. Do not be discouraged when your Warrior Pose is a bit wobbly; the worst that could happen is that you go for a dip, which is actually quite refreshing!

SUP Yoga classes at River Rock Outfitter focus on proper SUP technique to ensure that you feel comfortable maneuvering the stand up paddle boards, and then you are guided in traditional yoga instruction. These classes are private instruction or small group; therefore, each class is personalized to fit your needs and goals. Below are several poses ranging from beginner to advanced poses that may be practiced during class. Not matter what your prior yoga or stand up paddle board experience is, there is something for every body.

Modified Side Plank

Modified Side Plank


Warrior I


Warrior II


Triangle Pose