Kayaks are coming…and we are ready!  When the kayaks arrive it signals to the shop that spring is on it’s way and soon summer fun on the river.  We are pretty excited about the kayaks this year.  We continue to hone our skills and curate the best gear for our waterways.

We stick to American-made kayaks – we just make them better!  They are tough and can stand-up to bony rivers, questionable access points, and travel.  They fit right and paddle right.

So, what boats are coming in?  Take a look at the list below:

Wilderness Systems Kayaks – born and built in Greenville, South Carolina


Tarpon 100

Tsunami (new to River Rock)

Dagger Kayaks- born and built in Greenville, South Carolina


Zydeco 11.5

Zydeco 9.0

Jackson Kayaks – born and built in Sparta, Tennessee

Tupelo 12

Liska (New to River Rock)


Big Tuna (New to River Rock)