Dishin On Fishin

Spring Fishing is in Full Swing

The warm weather that started spring off early helped spring fishing start early but it keeps getting better.  Anyone that drives across the Rappahannock River on Rt 1 can tell you plenty of people are fishing for shad. Get out there and join them. Lots of hickory shad are being caught from above 95 to below city dock.  Throw small, brightly colored or flashy flies and strip them across stream.  It seems that the fish like a short, fast strip.  We’ve had luck with 2″ strips about as fast as you can make them.




Largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass are all biting through the downtown Fredericksburg portions of the Rappahannock.  Throw weighted streamers and bigger crayfish flies into slower pockets around fallen trees or rocky cover.  A sinking line can be a big help this time of year.




Swing by the shop to pick up the latest flies that are working on the Rappahannock.