I am incredibly lucky to have such knowledgable friends, particularly, ones that like to go climbing. These friends also make super adventure partners and teachers. This past week I got to spend a few days with some of them at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.

I went to Seneca with my sister Lauren to meet up with Keith, my boss, and Sean Tracy, a shop friend and guide. Lauren and I got to Seneca Rocks one night early and quickly found ourselves feeling like local climbers. People asked us for directions and advice, and we were just flyin’ by the seat of our pants. We weren’t sure where we wanted to go so we ended up car camping in Seneca for two nights. We woke  up stiff but really happy the first morning we were able to grab a delicious breakfast at a local store and sip some much needed coffee. After the caffeine kicked in, we made new friends with local guides at Seneca Rocks Climbing School and got to climb with so many new friends! There ended up being seven of us out there climbing on the Southern Pillar.

The day was spent in complete joy climbing seven different routes, with a wide variety of challenges. Sean took Lauren and I on a quick multi-pitch, and taught Lauren how to rappel – which might be my favorite part of climbing. You learn several things when you go climbing, the first is that it is a mental as well as physical challenge. The second thing you learn is to trust other people with your life, which can be really hard to do and is also quite rewarding. You also learn that the longer you wait to make a crucial move, the harder it is to complete. I can’t wait to get back out there and complete the classic summit!

Lauren and I had to take advantage of the opportunities for wild places while we were in West Virginia so we also made our way up to Dolly Sods. Dolly Sods is a gorgeous plateau with an incredible view of the surrounding mountains. It was so incredibly beautiful, I have to recommend it for anyone that has not been yet. Both Seneca Rocks and Dolly Sods are about three hours away from Fredericksburg.