River Rock Outfitter


Does your garage at home have hidden treasures, stuffed in a dusty corner waiting to be discovered?  Ours does!  Well, they aren’t in a dusty corner, but we do have treasures at great price points in our River Rock Garage space.  Tucked away in the back of the shop are clearance items typically held over from previous seasons but in brand-new condition.  We also have consigned items hand-inspected by our staff and at a fantastic price!  So, whether you have a boy scout looking for quality gear at a great price or you are an all-star bargain hunter then you definitely want to check out this special corner in our shop.   Come by often because new items are added every week!

Try out a piece of gear, or snag a great deal from our consignment shelf.
Do you have some new or old gear you want to sell on consignment?