Kayaking 201: River Running


Course Dates

July 7th from 9AM - 1PM

August 25th from 9AM - 1PM

This course is designed to get you comfortable on rivers with moving water and small rapids (ripples and rocks).  The Rappahannock River is a great spot to learn beginner skills while progressing to more intermediate practices.  You will learn how to read moving water, as well as use features in the river to help you navigate your way down stream. Some self and assisted rescue will also be covered. This is the perfect course for those who have always wanted to take their kayaking from ponds and lakes to more exciting and remote rivers.

Class Duration:

Approximately 4 hrs (depending on water levels)


Minimum age of 12 years (exceptions made at the discretion of the Instructor)


Completion of Kayaking 101 course or prior experience in kayaking.

Additional Info:

Non-cotton clothing is recommended. Because we are in water ways where you will not always be able to see the bottom, we recommend foot protection that will stay on in the water (i.e. water sandals, old tennis shoes) and discourage flip flops. We also encourage you to bring plenty of drinking water and snacks.  Also, bringing a change of clothes for after the class is recommended.