Fly Fishing: Fly Casting


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If you're looking to get "hooked" on fly fishing then this is the course for you!  More importantly, if you are tired of driving over the Rappahannock River and would rather be on it then over it, there is no better way then to start up fly fishing.

This 101 course is all you need to get started.  In this 4-hour clinic, you will learn the cast, understand the equipment and how to use it, and hear from our guide the best fishing sports to land the big one (or little one).  You will learn all of this while spending half the day on the beautiful Rappahannock River.

The good news is that you don't need to travel to the Rockies to have a "fly fishing moment".  The Rappahannock is full of bass, sunfish, and other fishes great for catching, photographing, and releasing.  Perfectly worthy fish for "fish stories" with family later.

A little instruction from someone who knows what they're doing will go a long way to getting you started.  You won't leave a master fisherman but you will be on your way to becoming a functional one.

All gear is included or you are welcome to bring your own.