Climbing 102: Top Rope Anchoring


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This course provides the student climber the skills necessary to build top rope anchors and develop the confidence needed to climb outdoors without the assistance of a guide or instructor. Students will learn how to locate and use natural anchors, how to place both active and passive protection for anchoring, more complex knots, and how to efficiently break down an anchor. The course will also cover different types of climbing equipment and materials used to build anchors. The majority of instruction will focus on bottom managed sites; however, some instruction on top-managed sites will be provided. This course emphasizes anchor-building; however, some climbing will be done during the course.

This course is provided along the beautiful Rappahannock River, right outside of the Fredericksburg city limits. Our local crag is approximately 15 minutes from the shop.


Materials Required:

Climbing helmet and Belay device (preferably a Gri Gri or ATC Guide style device for top-managed sites)
25’ of 7mm cordelette
6 locking carabiners
20’ of 1 inch tubular webbing
*All active and passive artificial protection will be provided by the instructor; however, if students have their own gear, they will be able to use it during the course.


What to Bring:


It can be chilly in the early spring and late fall, so dress appropriately. The rock face is accessible from a trail that tends to become overgrown mid-summer; therefore, we recommend you wear closed-toe shoes and pants for the hike in. For all of our rock climbing courses we recommend comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive. Do not forget a rain jacket! A beautiful sunny morning can lead to an afternoon downpour, so be prepared.

Food and Water

The amount of water depends on the time of year and individual climber. We recommend bringing no less than one liter of water. You will be burning a lot of calories throughout the day so bring lunch and snacks.


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