ACA instructor and Top Tier Canine Certified Pet Trainer


Maria Christina Schultz is an outdoor enthusiast, and ACA certified stand up paddleboard instructor, who lives in Virginia with her husband and two Australian Shepherds, Riley and B. A graphic designer by trade, Maria also has a degree in education and hands-on experience in animal training. She has discovered that sharing adventures with her dogs strengthens their human-canine bond and inspires her to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Maria teaches various clinics and classes at River Rock Outfitter, focused on how you can get your dog out with you in nature.

Maria enjoys sharing and teaching through writing and you can find her published books online by clicking on the links below.


Instructor Specialty

  • Sup with your Pup
  • Adventure Dogs



  • ACA instructor
  • Top Tier K-9 Certified Pet Trainer,

This was exactly what I needed to get started with my 10 month old miracle mutt, Norbert, on the SUP.

This is a simple but thorough guide to getting your dog started on paddle boarding. I followed Maria’s steps and got my Brittany up on the paddle board in about a week. Really recommend it!