Master Naturalist


A self-proclaimed slowpoke and meanderer, I love the way nature always reveals something new the more you spend time really paying attention to it!

Some of my happiest memories come from being outdoors: overnight scout camp, shared fishing trips along the upper Potomac with my father, hiking the billy-goat trail along the C&O canal, backpacking with my husband, and raising our kids on the river to enjoy both kayaking and paddle boarding.   

Nature is a huge creative inspiration to me and living along the river has given me a ton of practice observing the daily changes along the shoreline. A hike or paddle on the water can turn into a poem or drawing on a page in my nature journal. My passion for sharing nature journaling took off after completing the classwork to become a Virginia Master Naturalist. It felt like a perfect fit combining my love of observing nature, enjoyment of sketching and watercolors and my love of writing. But more importantly, I discovered a connection in nature…absorbing all the benefits of the outdoors in a focused and peaceful way.

Instructor Specialty

  • Nature Journaling



  • Master Naturalist

We had such a great time at Jenna’s 101 Nature Journaling class this past week. It was so nice to sit down, turn off the phone and concentrate on nature and how beautiful it is.  Thoroughly enjoyed Jenna’s tips and instruction and w will definitely return for 102 classes, so we can take what we learned and apply it at an outdoor venue. Thanks Jenna…