Hi, I’m Vincent. I’m the visual storyteller here at River Rock Outfitter. You will find me hanging out in the shop, kayaking, SUPing, hiking, climbing, hammocking, camping and teaching photography. Join us on an adventure and be sure to bring your camera. I’m happy to offer a few tips if you need them. As far as I’m concerned I have the coolest job in the shop. Shhh… don’t tell April and Keith I said so.

What was my biggest adventure?

It’s not over yet! My life has been my biggest adventure. Growing up a Navy brat and moving a lot, living in Belgium, going to Bastille Day in Paris and the real Oktoberfest in Munich, attending three institutions of higher learning (I did graduate but that was a 6.5 year adventure!), hanging out of helicopters making photos of bridges crossing Tampa Bay, working with the staff and athletes at the United States Olympic Training Center, track photographer for two motorsports organizations, making boudoir photos at a lingerie shop and all the shenanigans we get up to here at River Rock Outfitter. It has been a life less ordinary!

Favorite snack?

Oreos dunked in ice cold milk!

Two things on your bucket list?

Write and publish a book about photography. Make photos on all seven continents and all seven seas.

What totally relaxes you?

The sound of rain falling on the leaves in a forest and/or the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

Message you’d send to all clients?

Some of the best photos are created under the worst conditions. Get out there in all kinds of weather and create photos that you are truly proud of.