Jen Miller is a guest blogger for our monthly newsletter, providing tips on way to keep your body fueled for adventure.  She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and active member of our local Team RWB chapter.  Jen is passionate about helping people reach their nutrition and fitness goals by giving them the tools they need to push their limits and succeed.

This month she provides our climber (and soon to be climbers) with tips on keeping your body fueled for the climb.

Making Your Food Work For You

by: Jen Miller

Fueling your body for an day-long physical activity is essential!

Before the Climb

And just like any endurance sport, proper nutrition and hydration begins the day before.  Eating meals with vegetables, clean protein and some healthy fats like Lemon Tahini Squash or a Strawberry and Farro Salad with grilled chicken thighs is the key to preparing your body for a long, strenuous day.

The Morning of the Climb

Crockpot oats are a fantastic breakfast to get you started.

During the Climb

And when packing for the climb, focus on super foods like nuts and seeds with dried fruits, and healthy, carb-heavy foods like bean burritos or cold sweet potatoes. Keep your body hydrated with water.  Adding fresh mint leaves to your water will help your body stay cool.

Post Climb

After a long day, it will be tempting to stop for food.  The best way to prevent that is to have a delicious meal waiting for you when you get home!  I recommend this Pumpkin Turkey Chili because the beans and pumpkin provide the healthy carbohydrates to refuel your body, while the turkey provides the much need protein to help you feel full and provide your muscles with recovery building blocks.  The turmeric helps reduce inflammation that will help reduce soreness as well.  And of course the taste will wow you!

Need more ideas for snacks?  Join me in March to learn all about Snacks for Everyday Athletes!  

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