Jen Miller is a guest blogger for our monthly newsletter, providing tips on way to keep your body fueled for adventure.  She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and active member of our local Team RWB chapter.  Jen is passionate about helping people reach their nutrition and fitness goals by giving them the tools they need to push their limits and succeed.

This month she provides our fly fishers with tips on keeping your body fueled.

Making Your Food Work For You

by: Jen Miller

Unpredictable spring weather can make preparing for a day of wading challenging, but I have a great solution for you!  It begins with a warming Breakfast Soup.  This soup is perfect for your thermos, and can keep you warm all morning.  It will also provide the hydration needed to give you energy and focused attention.  Need more protein?  Enjoy with some leftover rotisserie chicken, or your favorite breakfast sausage.

By the time lunch rolls around, you will be ready for a hearty, warm meal and this Soup for Days will do the trick.  The beauty of this soup is how well it can be adjusted to the individual preference.  Dan loves to add meat to his soup and will warm it up over a camp stove after a morning of wading.  It’s hardy enough to last all afternoon and fuel a great day of fishing.

Having a crockpot meal waiting at home is a great way to end the day.  This Sweet Potato Bison Chili is super tasty and you can easily substitute beef, pork or chicken for the bison.  There’s just enough spice to warm you up after a cool day of shad fishing.  There’s something truly wonderful about coming home and smelling chili cooking, and I think you will find that this recipe is simple, and a great way to end your fun day!