Meegana Henry

Camping Spots

Caledon State Park

You can make this trip easy – by hiking in from the flat Hamstead Road trail or hard by hiking in from the potomac heritage, circling around to Belmont, Boyds Hole, passing the marsh and ending at the Jones Pond Loop right by the campsites. 


You get to decide your intensity level coming in and then end with a gorgeous sunset off the Potomac. 

Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail

Flat 8.5 mile hike in – ending just past halfway at the campsites


I love this campsite in the fall. It’s a nice reward next to Lake Caledon after hiking 8.5 miles and having a picnic bench to eat from instead of my typical eating and sitting on the ground! It’s quiet and less used.

The Confluence

Previously accessed off of Richards Ferry Road (now temporarily closed) you can only access this campsite currently by paddling in off the Rapidan or Rappahannock.


Have you ever seen two rivers merging together? This is where the Rapidan and the Rappahannock meet! It’s a gorgeous spot that continues to baffle me every time I go. How powerful the rivers are – the class II+ rapids and rocks that follow the paddle out.. its serene and the rush of the water lulls you to sleep.


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