Jenna Veazey

Camping Activities

Tales by the Fire

Two truths and a lie: this is a fun game no matter who you’re hanging out with! Each person in turn gives three statements about themselves…then have fun guessing which one is the lie. Winner fools most people. 

Spooky Stories:

Get your flashlights ready to shine under your chin!! Go round in a circle Make up the most bone-chilling, spine tingling stories you can conjur up. Think hooting owls, howling coyotes and scary wind. Winner is the last one not freaked out. 


There is so much awe-inspiring about looking up at the stars. Cool, crisp, clear nights will offer the best views. Don’t worry if no one knows constellation names…see what shapes you can pick out on your own. Binoculars are great if you have them, you might be surprised how much you can see, but definitely not necessary.

Keep a Journal

I always bring a small notebook or journal along with me to take notes as I hike. Later I may add a sketch or doodle based on what I saw in addition to a few lines of detail. This makes for a nice memory jogger when you try to recall what flower you saw blooming along which part of the trail.

A good place to start with your notes is include the date, time, and place along with any other information you want to remember.

Get Started:

Like to draw? Doodle a sketch of what you’re looking at.
Like numbers? Measure, count or use comparisons to describe what you see.
Like to write? Craft a few lines using the senses to help you remember your outing.


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