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Throughout my childhood I spent an inordinate amount of time wandering through the woods near my house both to see new things, as well as to witness the changes the places I already knew would go through.  In many ways those same drives are still key tenants in my life, and continue to draw me outside.  As my athleticism, knowledge, and hunger for exploration have grown, so too have my adventures.

Over time, the hours I spent as a child, chasing a stream through the woods grew into a week canoeing through the Adirondack mountains, which lead to teaching canoeing, and archery as a camp counselor. The days of summer running laps in the neighborhood morphed into hiking, and cycling in the Shenandoah mountains, and through my friends and mentors at Longwood University, the trips taken with the Riverbend wrestling team have grown beyond my dreams.  From spring trips to local crags, and the New River Gorge, to winter summit bids on Mt. Washington, and most recently the peak of Poon Hill in Nepal with River Rock; my friends, family, and mentors have helped me to some pretty incredible places.  I intend to continue that trend.