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Shop Photographer and Photography Instructor

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Over the years I have had the pleasure to experience some amazing careers, from serving in the US Army for a short time, working in the corporate world and spending fifteen years as a clinical sports massage therapist, working at clinical sports facilities, high end spas and my favorite at the VA hospital helping Vets, family members and staff.  I have a beautiful and supportive wife and two grown children.  During all these adventures I had one thing in common and one thing that I seem to always find myself involved in some way though……Photography.


I started my photo taking in high school yearbook class in the mid-90s. I learned some basics of film development there and then from my uncle who had been shooting photography for many years.  Off and on over the years I did everything I could to be involved in photography in some facet. Once I was able get my hands on a camera again, I started shooting anything and everything.  Over the last ten years I started to focus on Scenic photos and portraits. Growing up out west I have always loved the outdoors and the beauty that it offers. Being able to capture that in my camera is somewhat meditative for me and then to capture others enjoying those moments and sharing or teaching others how to capture moments themselves is frosting on top.  In addition, I also photograph commercial, editorial, advertising and food photography.  It is what I do full time now in every way and I love meeting new photographers as well as seasoned ones.  I am excited to be a part of River Rock Outfitter and I look forward to seeing you on one of the River Rock Outfitter events or one of the many hands on outdoors photography classes that I am putting together.

RBA Degree Concentration in Visual Arts

PPA Member

National and International Awards and Publications