The adventure began when I fell in love with the magic of photography at a very young age. Like most photographers I have a love, hate relationship with photography but I will always love the magic of it. Photography provides a creative way for me to express myself. And trust me, without photography I’d just be a daydreamer. Photography allows me to take those dreams and make them a reality. I can make a “straight” photo without any manipulation or I can let my imagination run wild using all means available to make what I imagine become a reality.
The true magic of photography comes from light. Light can transform an ordinary object, person or scene into something you have never seen before nor will you see again. Those fleeting moments of light are what I live for. Catching those magic moments is something I live for. I also love to play with light in a controlled environment. Playing with light either natural or controlled is where the real magic happens in photography. This is where the adventure begins. That fleeting moment of doubt when you press the shutter release.
Adventure photography is a big part of my life now. Not that my career has been spent making unadventurous photographs, anything but. Hanging off of a rock wall is not unlike standing on the skids of a helicopter making photos of a rescue scene for a first responder textbook. Standing in the middle of a river photographing kayaks is not too far from laying on the bottom of a pool making photos of a kayak rolling for a water safety textbook. Hiking, camping, kayaking and rock climbing are all a means to an end. The real adventure is that I get to play with light.