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Cost: $65 (gear included)

The Rappahannock River is hopping with SUP users.  No surprise since it is the country’s fastest growing sport!  So, what are you waiting for?  This is a great course for first timers or those looking to learn the basic skills of stand-up paddle boarding.  We will teach you how to choose a board that is right for you, mechanics of carrying your board and the gear that goes along with it and we will make you aware of the safety considerations with paddling on the river.  Once we get on the water, we will work on standing on the board, basic strokes and turns, and simple self-recovery.  Inside tip….we all are going to get wet!  We conduct the course on the beautiful Rappahannock River right in the heart of Downtown.

Price: $65 (gear included)

Where: Rappahannock River

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Are you new to kayaking on a river or want to refresh some of your skills?  If so, this is the class for you.  We will start on land with a discussion on the different types of kayaks, necessary gear, fitting a PFD and tips on getting into and out of a kayak safely.  We will discuss things to consider when planning a river trip and necessary logistics.  From there we will get on the water and paddle down river, approximately 3 miles, from City Docks to Little Falls.  Along the way we will discuss basic strokes, best paddling posture, basic maneuvers, and important tips when paddling local bodies of water.

Price: $80 (gear included)


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Dogs are such an important part of our lives and we believe that adventures are better shared!  Join ACA instructor and Top Tier Canine Certified Pet Trainer, Maria Shultz, in Ruther Glenn for two-days of on water training and paddling with your dog.  Maria literally wrote the book on how to SUP with your PUP and has years of training experience on and off the water.  She will work with you and your dog to find the “perfect balance” and a new way to enjoy each other’s company.

Price: $249 (2-day course – gear included)


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Needing to take time to spend in nature, get clear on your next bold move and connect with other purpose-driven women?  Join Barbara Gustavson, Founder of Discover Next Step and the Author of Permission to be Bold and April Peterson, owner and paddling instructor at River Rock Outfitter, on the river!  Besides having fun and enjoying nature, we’ll also have an intentional discussion about the importance of giving yourself permission to take the next steps in your personal life or business.  You’ll walk away with some concrete action steps to implement afterwards.

Price: $35 (gear included)


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We provide you with the fundamentals necessary to begin outdoor rock-climbing. This course covers proper belaying techniques, safety considerations, movement on the rocks, and rappelling. You will learn proper verbal commands, basic climbing knots, and how to work as a team in a vertical environment. In addition, you will learn to properly size climbing harnesses and shoes and will gain an understanding of the requirements and skills needed to pass “belay certification” tests at your favorite indoor climbing gym.

Price: $100 (gear included)

Where: Rap Rocks

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We provide you with the skills necessary to build top rope anchors and develop the confidence needed to climb outdoors without the assistance of a guide or instructor. You will learn how to locate and use natural anchors, how to place both active and passive protection for anchoring, tying more complex knots, and how to efficiently break down an anchor. We will also cover different types of climbing equipment and materials used to build anchors. Most of the instruction will focus on bottom managed sites; however, we will provide some instruction on top-managed sites.

Price: $125 (gear included)

Where: Rap Rocks

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Cost: $10

If you are ready to take the leap from car camping or day hikes to overnight backpacking trips, then this is the course for you!  Our hiking guide will give you the 101-basics to get you ready for your first backpacking trip so that you hit the trail confident and prepared.  We will teach you how to plan for your trip, what to pack and how to pack it, best options to navigate while on trail, setting up your campsite, basic trail etiquette, park rules and regulations to consider, and more!   

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Cost: $60

It’s exciting and daunting to think about a lengthy thru-hike adventure – an adventure where you are totally reliant on your own skills and preparation!  Whether it’s for a long-weekend, week, or you are thru-hiking a month or more on trail, we can get you prepared and confident.  In this half-day workshop, we will walk through what you can expect on trail, how to plan your mileage each day, food prep and setting up drops, hygiene and sanitation while on trail, gear planning, and preparing for seen and unforeseen expenses.  Using the Appalachian Trail as a backdrop, our thru-hiking guide will share fun stories from the trail and personal experiences that will help you avoid pitfalls.  Don’t let any more time pass – start planning your thru-hiking adventure today!

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Join our Master Naturalist as she helps you refine your own nature journaling practice or just get ready to start one!  Nature Journaling offers an opportunity to slow down and “see” the outdoors in a new way.  By honing these observational skills, new bonds with nature are created, connecting us in a deeper way to the great outdoors.  The good news….no artistic experience is necessary!  We will draw inspiration from a natural element, brought indoors.

Cost: $15 (gear included)

Where: River Rock Outfitter

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Join our Master Naturalist and take your journaling practice into nature!  This course is perfect for those who’ve attended Intro to Nature Journaling or those who want to bring their own practice into a group setting.  Whether we are visiting a local nature garden or hitting the trail there’s always something exciting to see outdoors.

Cost: $60 (three sessions)

Where: Coming Soon!

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